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What are we

Rize up was founded in 2017 to ensure the most ignored people in the country were registered to vote and ready to exercise their power.

Rize up is run entirely by a team of volunteers and supported by creatives across music, media, arts and film including.... 








Check out the video for Rizeup Soundsystem Feat' Big Narstie & Tommy Jules:

In 2017 we...

We handed out over half a million flyers, at clubs, raves, on the streets and in youth and community centres across the country.

We worked with youth groups across the country to ensure the people we speaking to young people were young people from their own neck of the woods.

We had street teams in 9 UK cities out and about talking to people about why they matter and how together we can break the system.

We put on club nights and got live sets from old school legends like skinny man and new school kings like Bossman Birdie.  

We took over @twitteruk for a day with Bite The Ballot

We turned every Lush store on every high street into places young people and the homeless could get advice and register to vote.

We took over Kiss FM with skits on voter registration playing every hour for two days

Our social media reached over 20 million young people in the UK.

We were all over the radio on FUBAR, BBC and many more

We were on the BBC, in the Guardian, on newsnight and all over the media

We helped young people produce their own music and art on the importance of voting.

We spoke to millions, we changed minds and we broke every registration record for young people.